With strong moves, huge flames and unbelievable skill, this is a magnificent act that is in a field of its own.

Flying all over the world to perform bespoke fire shows, the style, beauty and personality of these unique performances, guarantee to add a complete visual spectacle at any event - big or small.

A solo performance that reflects years of training, self discipline and leaves people captivated.

Starting with a stunning fire poi routine, the crowd is engaged with the eloquent style and beauty of the performer as the fire patterns combine with the music.

Building up the atmosphere with a single fire staff, the audience is amazed to see the 5 meter high throws and catches, combined with the contact body display of moves that always impresses.

Stepping up the tempo, Luke uses 2 fire staffs in a jaw dropping aerial display that lights up the sky and keeps the audience poised with anticipation.

Finally the dragon staff with its 8 fiery spikes, brings this act to an impressive and dramatic finish.

If you are looking for a unique fire show, this is it.