Using immense strength and control, Luke is a highly skilled Cyr Wheel performer, who combines dance and acrobatics to create a truly unique performance. 

Combined with uplifting music and style to match, this is a visual spectacle that is applauded by all.

Our Cyr Wheel act is very popular and has been perfected over countless street show performances.

Clients can choose from a variety of different styles to suit their venue and theme of the event.

The typical costume consists of black or white harem style trousers with a sleeveless top or topless upper body, combined with professional face and body painted designs. Other costumes can be created to fit a smarter or themed appearance.

This is a very high impact show that showcases an extreme level of talent. It is essential that this act is performed in the middle of a dance floor or stage that has a minimum space of 3 x 3m.

Outdoor paved areas that are made of concrete can also be used if they are smooth.